Someone Is Looking For Your Service RIGHT NOW! Let's Get You Infront Of That Search


We help business owners generate profitable leads with digital marketing assets

We work with businesses to create a traffic flow that provides stability and growth for their company. A crowded marketplace needs effective navigation.  We work with businesses to establish strategic practices to cut through the noise.

We put assets in place to:

  • Communicate the company’s message
  • Establish the company’s specialty
  • Attract the best client for that business.

An Increasingly Crowded Marketplace Requires Result Oriented Practices

Without a proven strategy to generate new business whenever you need it.

You are using a mix of tactics

  • This is frustrating and expensive.
  • Creates activity but not results.
  • Is a distraction from your specialized service.

“Marketing without DATA is driving with your eyes closed”

-Den Zarrella

“This isn’t just about growth, it’s about staying in business”

-Beth Comstock

We Make You The Go-To Professional In Your Field

Here’s the thing: it’s a new day. A completely different world! 10 years ago we met everyone face to face. So we could see when people lost interest, or didn’t call us back. We had some idea where the “leaks” were, we had a fighting chance- now decisions are made every day and you are not even in the room! Someone has checked you out on line and they are gone on average in 2.8 seconds!!

Overwhelmed? Don’t be – yes, it can be complicated but the solution is quite simple!

So let us get you from good to GREAT – we can get you there 10x faster than if you muddled through it yourself. Oh, yes and you wont’ be exhausted when you get there. You will be exhilarated,
and READY to GO!

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Our 5-Step Profit Path

Phase #1: Analysis

The first and most important step of a profitable Branding and Marketing plan is to do an analysis of your business, followed by a game plan.

Phase #2: Message Creation

It is here where we fully articulate the messaging that will move your business forward. Such as who you are in the marketplace, and how you want your prospect to think of you. This is the foundation your brand will be built upon.

Phase #3: Asset Identification

Based upon the message creation phase it’s now time to identify which marketing assets need to be created, such as videos, web pages, and printed graphics. This saves you considerable time and money by identifying which items will give you the biggest bang for your buck.

Phase #4: Asset Creation

Based on the message and marketing assets we’ve identified we get to work building out the items we’ve decided to move forward with. This includes:

Phase #5: Marketing Management

It’s now time to begin marketing the assets we’ve created. This is accomplished through a variety of ways (See Asset Videos Above)

It’s been almost 10 years since Shadowblast opened. In those 10 years we have built a phenomenal team. Our office is full of talented, committed individuals that have a passion for excellence! Everyone from our Team Leaders to our part time students will impress you!

Administrative Guru


Maureen’s team allows all other departments to get their projects done effortlessly! Her department is the backbone of the company and strives to fulfill our never-ending ambition to get more work done in less time.

[Fun Fact] When not in the office, Maureen is usually playing or training for soccer. She went through University on a soccer scholarship, and on average plays at least 3 games a week

Creative Director


Evan’s talents is taking all our ideas and making them come to life! The tone, the feel, the success of any project starts with Evan and his team! There is enormous pressure in this job but Evan and his team handle it with ease!

[Fun Fact] Evan drinks an obscene amount of coffee each day and has requested a coffee maker for his desk on multiple occasions. All have applications been denied


Tech Specialist


The only thing constant is change. And the world we live in is changing daily! Jonathon and his team are always exploring new innovations that allow us to deliver your brand message more effectively.

[Fun Fact] Jonathon built his first PC when he was 12, and to this day has never purchased a factory assembled computer